Ana Morales : 'Peculiar' at the Nîmes Festival Flamenco

Next broadcasts Tuesday, June 27 at 23:25 on Mezzo

  • Dance
  • Wednesday, July 5 at 19:05 on Mezzo


  • Ana Morales (Choreography)
  • Ana Morales (Dancer)
  • Miguel Marin Pavon (Voice)
  • Ana Crismán (Harp)
  • Tomás de Perrate (Voice)
  • Rycardo Moreno (Guitar)
  • Antonio Molina 'El Choro' (Choreography)



Ana Morales (Conception, Creation and Choreography)
Gabriel Paré – Cube.Bz (Lighting and Stage Design)
Miguel Marín Pavón, Ana Crismán, Tomás de Perrate, Rycardo Moreno (Musical Creation)
Antonio Molina ‘El Choro’ (Choreography Piece 3)

Recording: January 11 2023 - Festival Flamenco | Nîmes
Director: Emilio Belmonte
Duration: 01:20

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