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Carpathian Rhapsody


  • Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra
  • Gábor Homoky & Old Sounds
  • András Keller (Conductor)
  • Ferenc Snétbereger (Guitar)
  • Roby Lakatos (Violin)
  • Xénia Sárközi (Soprano)


George Enescu
Romanian Rhapsody No. 1

János Bihari
When Money Dried Up
Verbunk And Fast
Arr. Kálmán Cséki, Gábor Homoky

Ferenc Liszt
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
Arr. Kálmán Cséki

Roby Lakatos
Symphony ‘The Bird In The Dust’

Armando Manzanero
It’s Impossible (Somos Novios)
Arr. Kálmán Cséki, Gábor Homoky

Ferenc Snétberger
Rhapsody No. 1 For Guitar And Orchestra

Ferenc Snétberger
In Memory Of My People 3. Movement- Dance

Elvis Presley
Heartbreak Hotel
Arr. Gábor Homoky, Kálmán Cséki

Carpathian Rock Medley
Arr. Gábor Homoky

Georges Boulanger
Avant De Mourir
Arr. Kálmán Cséki

Pablo De Sarasate
Carmen Fantasy
Arr. Kálmán Cséki, Gábor Homoky

Johannes Brahms / Arnold Schönberg
Piano Quartet Op. 25 - 4th Movement

Recording: June 11 2021 - Instituto Italiano di Cultura | Budapest
Director: Imre Szabó-Stein
Duration: 01:27

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