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Tribute To Cesaria Evora

On December 2011 Cesaria Evora died. With this worshiped 'barefoot diva', a whole section of Cape Verdean culture - the heartbreaking mornas and the bitter coladeras that she had sung in the whole world - could have disappeared. It will not happen. Her legacy defies time, borders and even death. The moving tribute that was paid to her by the Festival d'Ile-de-France on September 2012 proves it. That evening, Cape Verdean singers like Mayra Andrade and Teofilo Chantre, but also artists from the rest of Africa, as Angélique Kidjo, Ishmael Lo and Bonga, and even a Portuguese artist, Camané, all brilliantly demonstrated the universality and immortality of the repertoire of the late lamented singer ...

Jazz / World Music
Genre : Jazz / musiques du monde
Length : 01:00:00
Director : Niko Sardjvéladzé