Frequently asked questions

Are you a subscriber, or do you wish to subscribe? A question about our programmes? Here is a user’s guide in FAQ form, so that you will know everything about Mezzo and Mezzo Live HD.

1I want to subscribe to Mezzo, how do I do it?

This depends on your country of residence and on how you receive television at home. Mezzo and Mezzo live HD are available through cable, satellite and ADSL. Mezzo and Mezzo live HD are available individually or as part of a multichannel package, depending on your case.

2What does it cost?

Please ask your distributer or network provider about different commercial offers.

3Which countries are Mezzo and Mezzo live HD available in?

We are available in 39 countries. You can find the full list in the scrolling menu on this page or by clicking on the planisphere.

4I missed a programme; how do I find out if it will be repeated?

Go to our page Our Programmes, find the date of the programme and click on the accompanying information. The dates for scheduled repeats are indicated here. If there are no dates shown, there is no repeat scheduled for this programme.

5I want to know the name of a performer or of a piece of music, where can I find out?

On the Our Programmes page, you will find a section containing information about each programme: the concert programme, performers, where it was performed, length, etc.

6The programme broadcast today wasn't the same as in my television magazine; what happened?

We sometimes have to cancel a programme, for example, to make room for a live broadcast. We strive to avoid this kind of issue, but it isn't always possible. You can find a completely up-to-date Mezzo programme guide on our website.

7How do I receive information on Mezzo and Mezzo live HD programmes at home?

You can subscribe to our newsletter (see link) and, by doing so, receive a selection of program highlights by email.

8I really enjoyed a concert or opera, can I get a DVD from Mezzo?

No, unfortunately we cannot send you copies of our programmes.

9How do I find out if a concert or opera is available on DVD in shops?

Some of the concerts and operas that we broadcast are indeed available in shops on DVD and/ or Blu Ray. You can ask your record store or the culture section of hypermarkets, or look for information on the internet for sales websites.

10Does Mezzo sell DVDs?

No, we do not sell DVDs of our programmes.

11I haven't found the answer to my question here; whom can I ask?

We are here to answer any questions, please write to us here (contact@mezzo.fr).